Annamaria Poluha

Creator of The SLIM For Life Program For Women

Being SLIM is not about a number on the scale. It’s a state of mind and a relationship with yourself and your body.


The Seven Healthy Habits Of The SLIM Lifestyle

  1. Put An End To The Wired & Tired Rollercoaster
  2. Do You and Your Body Have Chemistry?
  3. Why Your Poop Has The Answers
  4. The #1 Secret to Winning The Battle of The Belly Bulge
  5. How to Put an end to Emotional Eating
  6. Redefining DETOX
  7. The Skinny on Supplements

Do not be intimidated by Annamaria’s beauty or slenderness. Behind this beauty is a wise and beautiful soul who wants to free all women from their self imposed prisons of judgment, shame, blame, and self-sabotage. Simply put, she’s brilliant!
Lisa Steadman, CEO of Woohoo, Inc + The Woohoo Radio Network

About Annamaria

Meet Annamaria Poluha, a nutrition expert, author, and accomplished speaker on a mission to redefine what SLIM means for each and every woman. Celebrities, athletes, executives, and women of all shapes, sizes, and ages consider her their go to expert when it comes to putting an end to the yo-yo dieting, the fatigue, the hopelessness and despair so many women feel around weight, wellness, and well being.

Using a dynamic combination of nutrition, science, and lifestyle enhancement coaching, Annamaria creates personalized and customized SLIM programs for women that redefine what being SLIM means and help them every step of the way to achieving their goals.

Annamaria’s been featured as a health expert on numerous radio shows and publications including Fitness Magazine and AOL Health.

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