Our Philosophy

At Wellness Dynamics, we know health and wellness are far from one-size-fits-all. Using science as our starting point, we dive deep with our clients to identify the underlying causes that factor into their current health blueprint. We know that when you stop chasing symptoms and start addressing the core issues, you resolve a multitude of seemingly mysterious health challenges.

It all starts with understanding your own body chemistry. Once we harness the science within, we can create a plan for optimizing your body through food combining as well as supplementation. When you follow this reasonable and realistic protocol, you can alter your own metabolism and change the course of your life.

So what is the winning formula for wellness success?

It begins with testing. From there we’ll learn what elements of your body are ‘in range’ and out of range.

In reality, ‘in range’ means that you are OK. In other words, you are not sick.

However, in the world of wellness success, we are looking for an optimized range, which is a level where you can prevent disease from even occurring in the first place and ultimately delay the onset of aging.

With the correct testing and analyzing of your blood chemistry, we can then devise a plan that will open the road to wellness success. Without it, you are simply guessing.

In other words, when we look at your ‘engine’ and correct what isn’t working; you will see permanent results.

Depending upon your symptoms and challenges, additional tests might be warranted. The most common test that I recommend is to analyze the functionality of your GI tract. In addition, due to the pressure filled life most people live, it’s also important to test how effective your adrenal glands are operating.

If you’re ready to stop chasing symptoms and experience permanent results, our approach may be the missing link.

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